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Encarnado da Pedra Furada


Macroscopic Description

Microcystalline bioclastic reddish limestone with some rosy-red orange-yellowish spots and showing very thin stylolites.


Prevailing Applications

Exterior and interior uses.


Physio-Mecanical Properties


Compression breaking load Kg/cm2 1 427
Compression breaking load after freezing test Kg/cm2 1 145
Bending Strength Kg/cm2 124
Volumetric Weight Kg/m3 2 697
Water absorption at N.P. % 0.15
Apparent porosity % 0.41
Thermal Linear expansion X10-6 perº C 4.3
Abrasion Test mm 2.0
Impact test: Minimum fall height cm 55




Country: Portugal | District: Lisboa | Municipality: Sintra



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