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When a project is completed, sometimes pieces of stone are leftover because some part hasn’t been used in its entirety. What can you do with the rest? Here we give you the best ideas so that you can take of the leftover stone to maximize your investment by using the scraps for decorative purposes and utensils that will match your project or even offer to someone!

  1. Trays

Easy to create, and with a twist that only natural stone can add. With stainless steel handles, they quickly become an object that can be decorative or be used for serving.

  1.  Dishes / Bases

With the bits of stone leftover from your project, ask them to cut a set of coasters or even pots. This way dinner accessories will be coordinated with your project! You can also order in

  1. Coffee Table

If you have a considerable amount of stone leftover from your project you can apply the rest on small coffee tables in contrast to another material such as stainless steel or base wood. Leave a note that you want to leverage the rest of this project so that you can find the best material-matching partners.

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